The Shadow of my Self Doubt

I woke up this morning with that nagging feeling that I get from time to time and I let it get me. I’m not good enough.So, rather than beginning my day in quiet time and prayer, I put my head back under the covers and went back to sleep. My morning became a rush of getting dressed, getting to class and getting to office hours. I hadn’t even looked at Chapter 6 of my Bible study  yet, but I was dealing with the very concept that Renee Swope talks about in this chapter of “A Confident Heart”. I was dealing with  those same old feelings again. I opened the Word and opened my Bible study and let Renee’s words rush over me, console me and validate for me that I am good enough, because my GOD is good enough.

I recognized that what I was feeling was self-doubt and I claimed it quickly and allowed the love of the Father to envelope me and remind me that as Renee Swope says in “A Confident Hear”:  “When doubt comes against me, saying I’m not good enough for a certain role or position, I will remember that God is for me! He says I am His masterpiece, created to be new in Christ so that I could do good things He planned long ago.” Eph. 2:10 (pg. 114)

I love also underlined this sentence from page 114 of Renee’s book, “From the minute we wake up, we need to tune in and listen to God’s thoughts toward us. Instead of letting doubt come against you, start every day relying on God’s power and living in the security of His promises.” WOW! wish I had read that early this morning instead of at lunch time. But God’s timing is everything. He knew when I needed Him and He met me where I was. That’s a God thing!

Even when I am feeling strong, I can fall back to that self doubt. But God is in control and He is here for me and for you if we just listen.

Because it’s all about Him and not about me,



Hearing God

It’s a beautiful morning outside my window. The temperature is in the high 40s and the sun is shining brightly. The bird feeder on my back deck is loaded with birds who are enjoying a breakfast of sunflower seeds, thistle and cherries. It’s a perfect moment that I almost wish I could freeze because I know that soon the phone will ring, or an email will pop up, or the washing machine will sing to me that it’s finished and then the peace of this moment will be gone. But, I am thankful for this moment and the moments like it throughout my day for these are the moments when I hear God. That still, quiet voice that whispers in my ear and affirms for me that I am His and that He is mine – an unconditional love that I have nowhere else but here.

That hearing God thing is sometimes difficult in our world today. Most of us live in cities or urban areas where there is noise all around us. We have technology at our fingertips and sometimes we forget that we can turn it off and turn on the awesome power of quiet. The Bible tells us that even Jesus went away by himself to pray. In Matthew 14:23 it says “After He had sent the crowds away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray;” The Son of God knew that He had to be alone and in the quiet to hear the voice of His Father and to learn and know God’s will for His life. Now that’s a God thing. If even He who is perfect needed quiet time alone to pray, what makes us think that we are any different. We more than He need this time. We more than Jesus ever could need to come before the Father and HEAR His voice. Without that, how do we get through our days and how do we stay focused on Him and His will for our lives?

I’m not saying it’s easy. And, I am certainly not saying that I get it right all the time or even a majority of the time, but on mornings like this, when all is quiet and the world almost stands still, I enter into His presence and let Him love me, speak to me and hear me as I confess my sins and my love for Him.

Hearing His voice, that’s a God thing. If you haven’t taken the time to hear Him lately, then today, “Be still and know that HE is God.” Psalm 46:10

Because it’s all about Him, and not about me.



Hello world!

Have you ever stopped to think about how many times a day and in how many ways God shows His unending, unconditional love for you? At our house, we call those moments “God Things” and this blog will be my attempt to document those events as they occur, to recount those that have happened and to allow you to share with me the things in your life that you tried to explain away and that you know can only be “God Things”. Most of the time they aren’t big, they are just outward demonstrations of God’s grace. His constant love and presence in our lives that get us through the day. So please stop by from time to time to read my musings, check out new photos that reflect His grace in the world and above all to share His grace in your life daily.

God’s grace is all around us. Join me as we see it in the everyday.

In His Grace,



St. George Island, Florida at Sunset