Grace for the Weekend – Fruit of the Spirit

fruit_of_the_spiritThis weekend dear friends I encourage you to choose one of the aspects of the fruit of the spirit and to practice it in all you do.

Whatever your circumstance and wherever you find yourself, let love, joy, peace, patience and self-control be your guide.

Or maybe your call is goodness, gentleness, kindness or faithfulness.

It doesn’t matter as long as you consciously decide to put on the fruit of the spirit and live it like you mean it.

For me, this weekend will be about gentleness and love. Our dear little daschund, Max, is very sick and this puppy mama is planning to shower him with all the love and gentleness I have. 559701_395298400551071_684681625_n(1)






He’s the one on the left in this picture.

Enjoy your weekend. Spring is in the air here in the South and the flowers are in full bloom. God’s beauty is everywhere. Embrace it!




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