When being quiet meets the stressed out life

it started out as a good day. Quiet time – check!IMG_20110411_132958

Leaving for work early enough to drop off the dog at the vet and still get to work on time – check.

Then I got in my car, turned on the ignition and that little gas pump came on.

Yeah, I needed gas. Now I was going to be late.

Traffic was horrible. The vet’s office was slow. And, suddenly my good day and my quiet time seemed a lifetime away.

It was only 8:15am and my stress level was through the roof!

And, it’s the busiest week of the year at work. Great!

I planned to attend a seminar at lunch time and of course, I was running late.

Then, when I got to the building, the room had been changed.

I couldn’t find it. And, by the time I did, I was 15 minutes late. Not going in like that!

My stress level rises… again.

Then there’s picking the dog up from the vet in the afternoon, cooking dinner, and a HOA board of directors meeting and suddenly nothing I wanted to do today has gotten done.

I try not let the things going on around me overshadow finding and keeping peace.IMG_1240

I feel just a step behind and a little late all day, and as I sit on my couch now reflecting over all that happened today, I realize that everything I needed to do got done.

Everywhere I needed to be, I was.

I don’t need to feel this self-imposed stress. I don’t need to live up to this unrealistic expectation that no one has of me, but me.

I just need to breathe deep and remember “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Psalm 16:8

So I end my day as I began my day in quiet time. Reflecting on how to live stress-less and trying to understand just a little better how I let stress in and how to keep it out of my days.IMG_1712


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