Stressed-Less Living – Pride

“Remain in me and I will remain in you..Those who remain in me, and I on them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:4-5

As I read this verse today in Chapter 6 of “Stressed-Less Living”, it touches me in a way it never has it before. Maybe it’s the translation. Maybe it’s the timing. Maybe it’s my heart and my hands are open.

I’m listening.

And God is speaking.

I encountered pride again today. Where I always do.

In my work life.

In the pride I have in what and for what I do.

I allowed myself to be tempted by the chance at interviewing to return to a job I left two years ago because God told me to leave. The stress I was feeling there was consuming me and Satan was having a field day with my life.

So I walked away then.

Into a place where I could heal and where I could listen for God’s voice. It was His place for me for that time, but not for now.

Why now was I trying to go back to what I knew wasn’t right for me?

Pride. It’s that simple.

What this journey has allowed me to do was to realize that because of pride I was walking outside the will of God for my life. That is such a gut-wrenching feeling. To know you’ve missed God’s plan.

And, to be too proud to ask to come back.

But that’s what I did.

I know where God wants me. I know what His plan is.

I am not going to let pride continue to stand between me and it.

But today, I almost blew it. again.

That place with all the stress. They called me to interview.

I said yes.

But the closer it got to the interview time, the bigger the knots in my stomach became.

So I walked away from the opportunity.

And right back into the arms of God.

To remain.

To produce fruit.

To live the life God has for me.

And I’m ready for Satan.

I think…

I hope…

I pray.

Pray with me, will you.

Pray that God’s hedge of protection will be around me and that I will focus on God, not me.

Because to Him is the glory.abide-in-christ


3 thoughts on “Stressed-Less Living – Pride

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It has really touched me. I have been on this see saw of should I go back to my stress filled job that God called me away from or be obedient. I can physically feel this very spiritual battle going on inside of me and quiet frankly this just has to stop. I thank God for reading this post.

    God bless you
    Melissa S OBS Group Leader

    • I know what you mean. It’s so tempting to go back because it’s familiar or comfortable. But, God’s plan is always perfect. Sometimes we just don’t want to be there.

      I’ll be praying for you that God will give you peace and show you his plan for your life.


  2. Where you are now is right where God wants you to me right now. He will always guide you if you listen and it sounds like you did! You will feel right if god wants you to go somewhere else and He will open all the right doors for you when it’s time. Hang in there!

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