Stressed-Less Living – Negativity

What a great week Chapter 9 has provided! Although the chapter deals with spiritual vitamins and being sure that we 4100497739_4e227245e9realize the weapon we have in God, the thing that really resonated with me this week came on page 183 when Tracie says “I had been harboring negative emotions from a circumstance in my life that was completely not my fault and completely out of my control…My feelings were running my life…”

Got it! God couldn’t be speaking to me any louder if the words were laudable.

I am constantly amazed by how God uses people in my life to confirm to me the lessons he is trying to teach me. To guide me to see what he wants me to see.

Most mornings I start my day watching Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life. And, this week she has been speaking on negativity. A couple of days ago she shared that being negative can have an adverse affect on our relationship with God, with our family and with those people we work with and are friends with. 

I knew that.

What really got me was what she said next and I hope she won’t mind that I’m sharing it here.

Being negative means that we complain all the time and when we complain, the devil gets a foothold in our lives, and we remain where we are.

However, if we reach beyond the negative in our lives and praise God anyway, he is able to raise us up to where he wants us to be.


Then, at Wednesday night Bible study last night, my pastor was speaking on Psalm 1 and the visuals in this chapter. He made the following point, “Though we have the relationship with God, we may not feel it because of the negativity in our lives.” RR

Are you kidding me???

Rhetorical question here, but how does God know this stuff?

He so has me pegged and he so knows where I am.

And I praise him for it.

I haven’t always been this negative person and I am ready to leave her behind.

Tracie again “Or maybe, just maybe, you have accidentally, gradually, and unknowingly given the devil a foothold in your heart because you failed to guard it above all else.” (p. 185)

I haven’t finished the chapter yet. And the next section is “Choose Prayer”. Also a topic pastor talked about last nigh.

Thank you Father for always having my back.







4 thoughts on “Stressed-Less Living – Negativity

  1. Great post! People always ask me how I know when God speaks to me. The way that you described it here is perfect! He is so good to make sure we get it!

    God bless you!
    Melissa S OBS Group Leader

  2. Great post! I love this part: “Rhetorical question here, but how does God know this stuff? He so has me pegged and he so knows where I am. And I praise him for it.”

    I was just feeling convicted last night of being negative about a situation when all things about it are positive. It’s my attitude that was the problem. I cryed out to God and unloaded all the emotion and tears and what do you know, I woke up feeling so much better and with a better attitude. Our God is good.

    • I know what you mean! I am the same way! When I think about how good my life really is and how negative I’ve allowed myself to become, I am ashamed before God because he knows me. And, he expects more from me than that.

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