Grace for the Weekend

It’s a beautiful, cool, clear morning outside my window in Florida.

The voice from Psalm rings in my ears:

“This is the day the Lord has made. I WILL rejoice and be glad in it.”

Today I am looking forward to church with my children, lunch with my family and a nice long bike ride. 26DSC00710DSC00089

Days like this are gifts from God.

Wherever you go and whatever you do today, my friends, take time to praise the one whose grace makes our lives possible.

Thank you Lord that your “mercies are new every morning.”





Saying Yes to God Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy

I’ve been quiet on the blog for several weeks now as God has been working in my life showing me that “yes” doesn’t mean “easy”.10769

I thought I had learned this lesson already, but as I have walked through the last few weeks I realize that I still have lots to learn.

I’m finding that just because I’m on fire for God and I am ready to do anything He asks of me, the people in my life and those in my sphere of influence may not be in the same place.

Humbling to return to a place I loved and where I was loved to discover that I’m that teacher everyone hates.

Challenging to be the old/new teacher who other new teachers ask questions and who old teachers still expect to remember how we did everything, even though I’ve been gone six years.

Discouraging sometimes as I see around me apathy and complacency and have no power to change it.

Uplifting when my class opens up and asks me to explain why God allows us to sin and why sin has to be so tempting.

Comforting to be told that someone is glad you’re back and that you’re the best English teacher the school has ever had. (Thank you, Preacher.)

I’m six weeks into the school year and I feel like my “yes” is wearing off.

tumblr_m67rtyIwxz1rukhkdo1_500I know I’m where God wants me because I ask Him for confirmation every day.

And He graciously supplies it.

And, although I’ve finished the book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”, I keep coming back to page 100 where Lysa says, “When He reminds us to get past the trivial matters, we must let our pride fall away. When He invites u to leave the world behind, we must follow Him.”


I’m claiming this promise.

The trivial will not get to me.

The minute will not paralyze me.

The disdain will not push me away.

I am radically blessed and will be radically obedient.

Yes, God! Like Ruth I say:

“Don’t force me to leave you; don’t make me go home. Where you go, I go; and where you live, I’ll live. Your people are my people, your God is my god; where you die, I’ll die, and that’s where I’ll be buried, so help me God—not even death itself is going to come between us!” Ruth 1:16-17Yes to God 2