Hello world!

Have you ever stopped to think about how many times a day and in how many ways God shows His unending, unconditional love for you? At our house, we call those moments “God Things” and this blog will be my attempt to document those events as they occur, to recount those that have happened and to allow you to share with me the things in your life that you tried to explain away and that you know can only be “God Things”. Most of the time they aren’t big, they are just outward demonstrations of God’s grace. His constant love and presence in our lives that get us through the day. So please stop by from time to time to read my musings, check out new photos that reflect His grace in the world and above all to share His grace in your life daily.

God’s grace is all around us. Join me as we see it in the everyday.

In His Grace,



St. George Island, Florida at Sunset