Grace for the Weekend – Celebrate

Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically anything. I Peter 4:8-9a

This verse makes me smile. My family lives this verse without even realizing that we do. We all love each other with abandon, and forgive each other our many differences because above all, we love deeply and passionately.

At no time is this more real to us than in a month like August.

A month full of celebrations for our family.

Last week we celebrated our grandson’s first birthday. My brother was here. His other grandmother, great aunt and Aunt Nattie were here.

DSC00713This week we celebrated number one son’s birthday.

With our adopted family Dan, Rachelle and Will here, the day was wonderful.

Today at church we celebrated back to school Sunday. In our family this is a big deal since we have four teachers, two university staff members and one college policeman in our midst. In fact, all of us in some way touch the lives of students.

Next week we celebrate Football Sunday.

And then it’s time for college football.

All things our family enjoys celebrating.

I’m looking forward to many celebrations this school year.

As I pray over and for my students, I am looking for God to do great things in their lives.

As my family celebrates the birthdays to come and the accomplishments of each other, I look forward to the goofy, fun and sometimes crazy family gatherings around my dining room table.

DSC00710But, most importantly of all, we celebrate life. Both the life we were born to and the life we have been given through Jesus Christ who sacrificed His life for us.

As you celebrate this month and throughout the fall of this year, may the thought of Jesus and His grace never be far from you.